K&R Research Foundation’s Program In
Investigative And Forensic Science And Engineering

K&R Research Foundation aspires to serve the claims settlement industry with Dr. Edgel’s expertise and experience.
Its Program in Investigative and Forensic Science and Engineering is a continuation of the program originated by W. Reed Edgel, MS, PE
in the early 1990s. W. Reed Edgel & Associates, Inc. continued the program through 2010. K&R Research Foundation,
founded in 2011, now carries on the program because it offers many opportunities for worthwhile research,
and because it provides funding for other research programs.


Dr. Edgel has distilled the knowledge gained from his decades of practice in Investigative and Forensic Science and Engineering into a series of instruments of service (articles) on various germane subjects. Complementary copies of the preface to the series, which describes it in resplendent detail (ad nauseum) are available by request. Additional articles are available on a per article basis, or get the entire series in book form.

Investigative & Forensic Science & Engineering:

The Mission of Investigative and Forensic Science and
Engineering {still in pub} – $25
Settlement In Lieu of Justice – $35
Settlement (The Ground, Not The Claim) – $25
Life In A Construction Zone [Shake, Rattle & Roll] – $35
Design Loads And Structural Failures (It’s Not Nice To
Blame Mother Nature) – $25
Structural Evaluation After Fire (Growing The Roses Of Success
From The Ashes Of Disaster)- $25
Roof Damage─Sudden & Unexpected (Installation Defects
Or Just Worn Out?) – $15
Strain Hardening And Embrittlement (Making Steel Behave Like Taffy) – $15
Plastic Plumbing Part Failures – $25
Stucco Failures [Why The Stucco Didn’t Stay Stuck] – $25
The International Building Code: Law West (and East) Of the Pecos
{still in pub} – $Call
Slip Or Trip & Fall Accidents – $25
Industrial Accidents {future}
Vehicle Accidents {future}

The Whole Bucket of Mud (The Book) – $150

Electro-Magnetic Measurements:

Primer on Electro-Magnetic Measurements (What You Really Need To Know)
[PAN 895 Revisited] – $50
Functional Testing (The Next Best Thing to Calibration)
[PAN1103 Regurgitated] – $25
Electric and Magnetic Field Sensor Application (A Way to Get From
Maxwell’s Equations to Field Measurements)[PAN192 Rehashed] – $25
Annotated Sensor Application Guide [Stolen From An Old EG&G Report] – $50
I Vs I-Dot (Current Probe Or I-Dot Sensor?) [PAN 890 Refurbished] – $25
The Exponential Model of Electro-Magnetic Pulse [PAN 1195 Recrafted] – $25
Free Field Sensors And Baluns (How To Become Unbalanced)
[PAN 606 Rebalanced] – $25

Doctor Edgel’s Book on Electro-Magnetic Measurements (Zap!) – $150

Energy Production & Conservation (future):

Logs – $45
Fireplace – $75
Water cooled Solar Photovoltaic & Thermal Energy Collector – $50
Residential VAWT – $50
Distributed Cogenerating energy systems – $50

Simplified Testing and Instrumentation:

The Mission of Simplified Testing and Instrumentation – $50
Optical Mass Seismometer – $50
Gradation—Sand, Gravel or Clay – $45
Compressive Strength [Squish] – $45
Shear Strength [O, Rack My Soul] – $55
Deep Well Sampler (Suck It Up) – $45

Quick and Dirty (The Book) – $150

Home Improvement:

Canopy – $50
Fireplace Mantel – $25

Home Production & Storage Made Possible (NOT Easy)

Silo – $50
Inclined Shelves – $25
Staircase side doors – $25[/text_output]


If you would like to order any of Dr. Edgel’s articles, or commission us to investigate a claim/case, please contact us at:

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